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-Donna, May 2016 Cape Cod
We offer a beautiful non-directional finish which lessens the appearance or scratches and fingerprints.  
Your Stainless Counter Top Can Include a Seamless, Integral Back Splash, Protecting The Area From Spills, Moisture and Mold. 
Our Stainless Steel Counter Tops and Back Splashes Will Match The Look of Your Existing Stainless Appliances (Sub Zero, Wolf, etc..)
​I could have cried when I saw my new counter top. It reminds me of the one my grandmother had from my childhood. It brings back so many happy memories and now I have my very own. I love it. Thank you!
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Q: Is stainless steel expensive?

A: Prepare yourself. Are you ready? Here it comes---yes, stainless steel is expensive! In-fact, the cost of stainless steel is ever-increasing. There are various factors that contribute to this; mainly the shifting cost of raw materials, high demand of stainless steel, but a low supply resulting in higher costs, and oftentimes, the political climate has a significant impact on the price of stainless steel and other building materials. 

Q: Are Stainless Steel Counter Tops More Expensive Than Granite Counter Tops (Or Other Stone Tops?)

A: Yes. The reason for this is that stainless steel is a precious metal and it is priced as such. Generally speaking, granite counter tops are competitively priced and far-less labor intensive than stainless steel tops. When choosing granite, a client will select a style of granite from a slab that's already in stock, available to anyone, and from there the stone is cut to the client's cabinet specifications and in most cases, installed within a week or two. When choosing stainless steel as your preferred material for a counter top, we design it to suit your needs and the functionality and lifestyle of your home. With every bend, weld, edge treatment and finish, you can rest assured that you're getting the counter top of your dreams.

Q: Can I have a sink bowl included in my stainless steel counter?

A: Yes. Our integral sink bowls are one of the many highlights we offer to our clients. We only use 14 gauge stainless steel material, which is highly durable and will stand the test of time. Our sink bowls are also made from 14 gauge stainless steel, offering you a sturdy work surface that will stand everyday use. And the best part...our sinks are seamless so you'll never, ever need to worry about leaks, mold or mildew under or around your sink.

Q: What if I've already purchased my own sink? Can I still use it with your counter tops?

A: Yes. If it's a stainless steel sink, it can be welded into our top seamlessly, provided that it's at least 16 gauge material. If you have another style of sink (Drop in or under mount) we can easily accommodate for those by allowing the proper cavity size during fabrication.  

Q: Will a Stainless Steel Counter Top be loud or sound tinny?

A: Ours will not. As previously mentioned, our tops are fabricated using solid 14 gauge material. In addition to this, we apply a heavy duty under mount substrate which will give it the same durability as any other style of counter top surface. Our sink bowls are sound deadened as well, so you'll never have that annoying hollow sound every time you use your sink. 

Q: I received a price from another stainless steel fabricator and they said they could build our counters for far-less than your price. Why is that?

A: There's a world of difference between someone who can build something and someone who can provide a full-service experience. While we can't speak for what anyone else does in this industry, it would be beneficial to ask these pertinent questions prior to making your decision. 1- Are they coming to your home to properly template the cabinets? 2-Are they providing you with a solid counter top, including wood substrate or are they simply providing you with an empty shell? 3- Is delivery and installation included in their price? 4-Will they make themselves available after installation to answer any questions or concerns? 5- Are they known for quality work? We provide you with a full-service package from start to finish, allowing you to feel at ease knowing that your job is in the best hands. 

Q: Will Stainless Steel scratch? Will fingerprints show?

A: Yes, Stainless Steel will scratch and if you're the type of person who will fret over the sight of scratches, then stainless steel probably isn't for you. Clients who've purchased counter tops from us went into the project knowing full well that their counter tops will scratch, and that was the very appeal for them. Over time, scratches in a stainless steel counter top develop a patina and this charm and character is one of the many upsides that our clients enjoy.

Fingerprints will show until wiped away. Many have said that constant finger prints would drive them crazy. I will offer this; no matter what style surface you have, whether it's stainless steel, marble, granite; fingerprints still exist even if you can't see them. Those fingerprints that are going unnoticed on a stone surface are leaving germs and bacteria to build up. At least if you see them on a stainless steel surface, you're more inclined to wipe them away at first sight, eliminating any chance of unsanitary conditions to accumulate.  

Q: Should stainless steel wall panels / backsplash be installed after the upper cabinets have been installed?

A: No. While many believe that a stainless steel backsplash is the final touch of a kitchen remodel, this is simply not the case. Stainless steel panels should always be installed prior to any upper cabinets being installed. This will make for a tighter and more precise fit, and will guarantee a more-effective installation. You run the risk of damaging the panel when trying to maneuver behind sink faucets, upper cabinets and possibly, cabinet lighting fixtures, granite backsplash risers (if applicable) and other variables that may present themselves. By installing the panel prior to the cabinets, the panel can be sized to fit snugly behind the cabinet, about 1/4'', without obstructing or interfering with the installation of the cabinets.

Q: Do you offer any materials other than stainless steel?

A: Yes. In addition to stainless steel, we work with aluminum, magnetic & paintable stainless steel (ideal for office settings or play rooms), as well as textured stainless steel. We also offer stainless steel plating and powder coating services.  

Q: Do you have any unused countertops, tables, vent hoods, or other items that you offer at a discounted price?

A: Unfortunately no. As each project we take on is custom-crafted and built one at a time, we don't accumulate an inventory of unused items. 
85% of stainless steel is recycled and manufactured into new products.
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